NICHE this Week: 5 Things You Need to Know

December 24, 2018

As you kick off the holiday week, here are five things making news in the cannabis industry:


  • NICHE Blog: What does Bill 2 mean for cannabis in Quebec? While the CAQ posits Bill 2 will keep people, especially youth, from using, others argue it's a recipe to push consumers back into the illicit market. Read more in our latest blog.

  • Have your say! Health Canada invites Canadians to share their views on the proposed regulations for cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals - Check out this infographic summarizing the information. You have until February 20, 2019 to provide feedback.

  • "We've got to get the black market out of this stuff, or (else) why are we doing it?" - The Premier of Manitoba talks cannabis in his year-end interview, including plans for retail and public consumption.

  • ICYMI: Here's how to purchase recreational cannabis online in every province and territory, including legal age, sales tax, shipping costs and types of products available.

  • Food for Thought: In this poignant Op-Ed from Ashleigh Brown, the founder of SheCann, she discusses how medical cannabis has fundamentally changed her life and asks why is it being taxed ... twice?



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