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Legislation & Regulation


Provincial and Territorial

Alberta's Approach to Cannabis Legalization

Alberta Stakeholder Submissions

Alberta - Bill 26: An Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis 

Alberta - Bill 29: An Act to Reduce Cannabis and Alcohol Impaired Driving.

BC Cannabis Private Retail Licensing Guide


BC Stakeholder Submissions

BC first decisions on cannabis regulation after public engagement

Preparing for Legalization, Fact-Finding Tour, Legalization of marijuana in Washington State and Oregon - July 2016 (B.C Official spokespersons on Public Safety and Finance)

Manitoba introduces measures to responsibly control retail sales of cannabis

New Brunswick Final Report of the Select Committee on Cannabis

New Brunswick Medical Society - The Legalisation of Recreational Marijuana - Spring 2017

New Brunswick Report of the Working Group on the Legalization of Cannabis - June 2017

New Brunswick - Legislative framework concerning cannabis introduced

New Brunswick - Cannabis Management Corporation Act

New Brunswick - Cannabis Control Act

New Brunswick - Cannabis Education and Awareness Act

Newfoundland and Labrador -  First details on cannabis legalization

Northwest Territories Cannabis Legalization - The Way Forward

Nova Scotia - First decisions on legalization of cannabis

Nunavut - results of cannabis survey

Ontario and Cannabis legalization

Ontario passes legislation to ensure safe transition to federal cannabis legalization

Prince Edward Island - First directions set on cannabis regulation

Quebec - Regulation of cannabis in Quebec

Yukon proposed framework for legalized cannabis




Therapeutic Applications

Risk Studies