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Knowledge is Power: NICHE Launches New Dialogue Series

NICHE is proud to host a new community dialogue series focused on bringing evidence-based cannabis education and grounded dialogue to various ethno-cultural communities in Canada.

We are aiming to bridge the cannabis knowledge gap and create open, constructive discussions with marginalized communities who have limited access to culturally appropriate resources around cannabis use. Public education is the foundation for the successful implementation of a legalized cannabis regime and it’s the only way to break down the walls of stigmatization.

Our first forum in our 2019 series will be held in Scarborough, Ontario, highlighting the vibrant FilipinX community. The purpose of the event is to discuss legalization from a social and public health perspective, and explore opportunities to engage with and participate in the developing cannabis space. It will also be an opportunity to highlight the experiences of FilipinX community members and how culture and history intersect with our perceptions about cannabis.

NICHE recognizes many ethno-communities have been missed in cannabis education and outreach. As a result, there is still a great deal of uncertainty across our country, particularly in communities with cultural biases against cannabis. In some instances, it’s not about gaining acceptance, it’s about changing cultural values. That is why we are committed to creating new cross-cultural campaigns to provide information, resources and reassurance.

Historically and culturally, cannabis has been a taboo topic among Filipinx. However, many FilipinX are working in industries that will be impacted by the cannabis legalization, such as healthcare, hospitality, and the food and service industry, so education is imperative. We want to empower people with knowledge and encourage them to explore potential ways that they can get involved.

The forum will begin with a "Cannabis 101" overview, delivered by our CEO Dr. Jenna Valleriani and Board member Abigail Sampson. Following this introduction, our all-star panel will be moderated by Dr. Terry Lake, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at Hexo Corp., and former Health Minister in British Columbia.

While we hope to educate the audience on cannabis legalization and the legal regime, and we also want to spotlight community members who are working in the cannabis space so we can bring communities together and focus on de-stigmatization, education and opportunity.

By focusing more attention and resources on enhancing cross-cultural education and outreach we can create informed discussions about potential concerns and start breaking down stereotypes in these communities.

In some cases, this may lead to the development of better policies and programs. In other cases, it may provide insight to those who are opposed or wary about legalization and raise awareness about the benefits of cannabis.

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Location: Toronto Public Library - Malvern Branch

To register for this free event, or for more information, click here.

We hope to see you there!