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NICHE this Week: 5 Things You Need to Know

As you kick off the week, here are five things making news in the cannabis industry:

  • NICHE Blog: Opting Out Means Opting In to the Black Market; In our latest blog we discuss how when a community opts out of retail cannabis stores it restricts access to legal cannabis and ensures the black market continues to thrive. In order to find a path forward we need to have healthy debate and discussion with the naysayers. Whether it’s local governments, boards of trade, professional associations, women’s groups or parent advisory councils, we need to reach out to these groups and get people talking.

  • "It's an expensive medicine that's being taxed, now, twice. And that's ridiculous, where an already vulnerable segment of the patient community is essentially being victimized again." As the Winnipeg Free Press reports, advocates are renewing their calls for the federal government to remove all taxes on medical cannabis from the 2019 Budget.

  • Seniors centres across B.C. are hosting information sessions to help people navigate the new world of cannabis. As the Vancouver Sun reports, part of what’s driving interest is the children of aging adults telling their parents, “Hey, mom, dad, you’ve been on anti-inflammation, you’ve been on painkillers for years, they can’t give you anymore because you’ve reached your maximum dosages (or are having stomach or liver issues). Here’s an alternative.’”

  • ICYMI: The National Cannabis Survey, undertaken every quarter by Statistics Canada, has just released its findings from the last quarter of 2018. So, what has changed? Civilized has gathered a few notable findings in the survey.

  • Food for Thought: A movement is growing in the province to address that problem with a common idea: cannabis co-operatives. As the Canadian Press reports, those joining the movement say that by pooling resources and working together co-operatively these small farmers and businesses could remain independent with that structure.