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NICHE this Week: 5 Things You Need to Know

As you kick off the week, here are five things making news in the cannabis industry:

  • NICHE Blog: Technology is Shaping the Future of the Cannabis Industry; The challenges facing cannabis businesses are propelling technological innovation and progression in virtually every sector of the industry. This will revolutionize the medical application of the plant and the science behind large-scale #cannabis growing.

  • A Smiths Falls golf course is set to become Canada’s first cannabis-friendly golf facility. As TSN reports, when it does open, it will do so with a new name – Rolling Greens.

  • "Like most stigma, we have a duty to examine it, to root out prejudice and to move forward with a clear vision. Stigma has been overturned before, edged on by science and evolving cultural norms." In the latest edition of BotaniQ magazine, Dr. Terry Lake the VP of Corporate Social Responsibility for HEXO Corp, discusses overturning the stigma.

  • “With these high price tags, access to a potentially illuminating range of diversity in opinion, study and life experience is being limited.” Here’s a great opinion piece by Jenna Valleriani about Cannabis conferences are expensive to attend, snuffing out attendance by many from low-income groups.

  • Food for Thought: “Players get prescribed addictive, dangerous drugs countless times every year... And these things cause so much more harm to the body than #CBD and other things #cannabis-related, that it is a shame.” Forbes talks to Super Bowl champions about the NFL's stance on cannabis.