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NICHE this Week: 5 Things You Need to Know

As you kick off the week, here are five things making news in the cannabis industry:

  • NICHE News Release: NICHE Canada Hosts Vancouver Forum to Explore Impacts of Cannabis Legalization; On Tuesday, NICHE Canada and CannabisWise are hosting the Cannabis & Our Community forum to educate stakeholders from local government, tourism, work safety, health care, insurance and other sectors on what to expect with cannabis legalization.

  • Research News: "Legalization just liberated the research on this plant." - Canada's first academic researcher focused solely on the cannabis plant hopes to lead the way in unlocking its full potential. As CTV reports, one of his major goals is to look into the medical capacity of cannabinoids and devise new ways of manufacturing them.

  • Academic News: The University of British Columbia is getting a new cannabis professor, thanks to a $2.5 million gift from major cannabis producer Canopy Growth and $500,000 from the B.C. government. As the CBC reports, M-J Milloy has been named the inaugural Canopy Growth Professor of Cannabis Science, a position that will carry the branding of the main benefactor but will remain arms-length and independent from the company, according to officials at the university.

  • Manitoba's cannabis retailers hit with 6 per cent tax to cover 'social costs' of legalization. As the CBC reports, The new fee imposed so retailers can bear costs of education, safety, health and addiction as well.

  • Food for Thought: “Cannabis is one of the best examples of where Canada's actually leading the world.” As the CBC reports, there is pressure on cannabis producers to improve their yields and profits. One factor that will influence their fate is the technology that keeps their plants healthy and improves harvests.