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NICHE this Week: 5 Things You Need to Know

As you kick off the week, here are five things making news in the cannabis industry:

  • NICHE Blog: Cannabis & Our Community: Bridging the Gaps Through Education; In our latest blog we explore how legalization is a process that will evolve over time. And, it’s only through education, outreach and transparency that we can ensure the transition is a successful one.

  • NICHE Event News: We're coming Calgary on October 23 to host a forum to educate stakeholders on what communities can expect when cannabis is legalized. Join us for an informed dialogue about the changes and opportunities ahead – learn more about the event!

  • Health Canada announced Friday four new fees with the purpose of fully recovering the costs of regulating the cannabis industry. The government says the annual costs include activities such as licensing, public education and program management that the fees are intended to help cover.

  • The BC government says its regulations are ready for cannabis legalization. The province released an updated list of rules on Friday - Check out the full list.

  • Food for Thought: Do you have some burning questions about legalization? Lawyer Sarah Leamon provides a little bit of clarity and takes a look at the five things consumers need to know about legal cannabis in Canada.