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Collaboration and Dialogue will Help Ensure Success

Within a matter of months, Canada will become the first advanced industrialized nation to legalize and regulate cannabis from production to consumption.

It’s a monumental shift for our society and there are many important pieces to the puzzle. There are many questions that still need to be answered and concerns that need to be alleviated before our country is truly ready for this huge societal reform.

As NICHE travels the country speaking to businesses, industry and government, we’re hearing that people from all sides of the equation need guidance and they want our lawmakers, and those responsible for developing new programs and policies, to create a healthy dialogue about what changes are going to take place and how they can capitalize on the benefits while mitigating any potential risk.

NICHE is hosting the Cannabis & Our Community forum in Kelowna this week to provide meaningful and practical information about how people can prepare for legalization and succeed in this new environment.

We’re pleased that Health Canada is one of the organizations speaking at the forum to provide an update on the current federal legal framework. Business organizations and local governments are also taking part, and this type of direct dialogue is key to making the transition to legal cannabis a success.

Employers are among those asking tough questions, so they can develop new policies to ensure they are equipped to effectively manage this unprecedented change. Over the past number of weeks, NICHE has been busy bridging gaps and having informed discussions with the business community at various events, including speaking at the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce and the Langley Chamber, as well as speaking at the BC Chamber at the end of May.

These conversations are critical because they not only provide clarity and support, they are an opportunity to have conversations with the naysayers. We need to continue to engage, listen and discuss the concerns of those who are opposed to legalization. In some cases, this may lead to the development of safer, stronger laws and policies. In other cases, it may provide a much need explanation to those who are opposed about the rationale for legalization and the benefits that will follow.

We are entering a new era of regulation and we need to remember that engagement, collaboration and communication with all sectors of the industry and all sides of the cannabis debate will benefit us all.