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NICHE this Week: 5 Things You Need to Know

As you kick off the week, here are five things making news in the cannabis industry:

  • Legalization and Crime Reduction: Ending Prohibition Will Improve Public Safety; Our latest blog looks into the relationship between legalization and crime, and the research that shows community safety improves once prohibition ends.

  • New Blog: Don’t Forget Us: Cost-Coverage and Medical Cannabis Patients in a Legalized Canada; NICHE delves into the issue of patients hoping that both the federal government and cannabis companies continue to support their needs.

  • The federal budget is tabled on Tuesday and it will likely include money to support legalization.

  • ICYMI: N.L. Liquor Corp calls for proposals from stores who want to sell cannabis; As the CBC reports, the NLC has set March 29 as the deadline for proposals, saying retailers will get an eight per cent commission on cannabis sales.

  • Food for Thought: Cannabis use among Canadians aged 15 and older more than doubled over the past three decades, according to a new study by Statistics Canada.