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Help Shape the CannabisWise Accreditation Program

The rapidly-growing cannabis industry offers great opportunity for patients and consumers. But, as we head toward legalization, Canadians are looking for clarity when it comes to buying quality cannabis that is sourced ethically and adhering to government laws and regulations. They want to be able to trust the products on the market and the companies that are selling it.

In collaboration with sector leaders, NICHE Canada is working with CannabisWise Ltd. to establish an Accreditation Program for private retailers and microproducers that promotes responsible behaviour and quality assurance planning at all levels of their organization.

The program will develop nationally recognized standards and best practices that will drive continual improvement in the cannabis industry.

The goal is to establish a recognizable and trusted CannabisWise brand to reassure consumers and regulators that private retailers and micro-producers are correctly focused on quality control, promoting responsible cannabis use and complying with new regulations.

The program will be voluntary and will feature a pledge of performance regarding ten metrics: compliance, transparency, staffing, youth protection, health, security, workplace health & safety, technology, social responsibility and continuous improvement.

Currently the program is in the consultation phase, and the leadership team is engaging with government partners, education institutions, community organizations, reputable producers, municipally-approved dispensaries and prospective retailers in Canada to seek input on specific priorities.

We also want to hear from those who are passionate about the industry and want to help shape the future of the Accreditation Program. This is your chance to have a say!

We’re asking those interested to read the discussion paper and take a short survey* to provide input that will help guide the development of accreditation and audit criteria for the CannabisWise program.

Together, we will create a recognizable and trusted brand for cannabis consumers and regulators. Creating a made-in-Canada solution, developed by the Canadian cannabis industry, will help ensure the program reflects the needs and priorities of the sector.

Many Canadian sectors have established accreditation programs to promote quality, safety and consumer protection standards. It’s important that we learn from these initiatives and develop a similar program recognizing the unique needs of our industry.

The world is increasingly looking at Canada to establish a responsible cannabis industry that promotes quality assurance, consumer protection, public safety and corporate social responsibility. Join the conversation and help ensure we get it right!

*the survey ended February 23rd