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NICHE Canada Engages Small-Scale Producers

On December 18, NICHE Canada engaged with Canada’s craft growers who are looking for more information on how they can seize the opportunities available in the legal cannabis industry. In partnership with Health Canada, we held a webinar session with owners and primary operators of small-scale cannabis producers.

Over 90 people from eight provinces registered for the event, and the group discussed the issues and opportunities this sector faces within the broader cannabis industry.

Health Canada discussed the application process specifically related to micro-cultivation licenses and gathered feedback from the group. The participants highlighted the reasons why they should be a key player in Canada’s legal market, and asked a number of questions about the government’s proposed legal framework, the majority of which centered around how the government can eliminate barriers to allow small-scale producers to enter into the market.

The event was timely because in November the federal government announced changes to its regulatory approach to cannabis. The new rules they have proposed will allow micro-cultivators and micro-processors to participate in Canada’s new legal cannabis market.

Until these changes were announced, it was unclear whether or not small-scale producers would be allowed or able to operate under the new system. Many applauded the move, arguing that these small businesses will diversify the industry, fill a variety of product demands, and increase supply.

But, now it’s time to learn more about the business model of Canada’s craft growers and what they need to be successful in the new legal landscape. We need to better understand their role in the marketplace and how governments can help facilitate their success.

And, that’s what the webinar was designed to do. The event was part of Health Canada’s comprehensive consultation program on the federal government’s proposed approach to the regulation of cannabis. Health Canada is encouraging Canadians to provide input on the government’s legal framework by way of an online questionnaire or sending a written submission to

The deadline to provide feedback is January 20, 2018. This is your chance to tell the government that craft growers are an important player in the cannabis industry and can help ensure the safe transition to legal cannabis.