• Niche Canada

Calling all Craft Growers

People around the world are talking about the big business of cannabis in Canada. As we approach legalization, much of the discussion has been focused on how the regulatory framework will impact large-scale commercial producers.

Up until recently, craft growers were out of the spotlight, as it was unclear whether or not Canada’s small-scale cannabis producers would be allowed or able to operate under the new system.

But, that all changed in November when the federal government unveiled sweeping changes to the regulatory approach to cannabis. The new rules they have proposed open the door to micro-cultivators and micro-processors, enabling the participation of small-scale growers in the legal cannabis industry.

The move was applauded by many in the industry and it sent a pretty strong message that Canada is open for business, and not just big business. By allowing craft producers to be a player in the legal market, the industry can diversify and be in a much better position to fill a variety of product demands.

And, let’s not forget that small business is the backbone of our economy, and these local entrepreneurs create jobs and can play an important role in the cannabis marketplace and the broader community.

Craft growers need a bigger seat at the table. Governments, industry and stakeholders need to reach out and hear from these businesses, so they can provide their perspective on how to ensure the safe transition to legal cannabis. We need to better understand how they fit into the new regime, what their role is in the marketplace, and how governments can accommodate their business needs, while balancing the regulatory requirements.

One of the main objectives of legalization is to eliminate the black market. If we’re going to be successful, we need to start having more meaningful conversations with all the industry partners who are trying to be part of the legal framework and play a role in its success.

NICHE Canada is organizing a webinar during the week of December 18th. If you are a small-scale commercial cannabis producer and are interested in the opportunity to participate in Canada's legal cannabis industry, we want to ensure you have an opportunity to participate in this important webinar. If so, click here.