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NICHE this Week: 5 Things You Need to Know

As you kick off the week, here are five things making news in the cannabis industry:

  • New blog: Let’s Talk to the Naysayers; Our latest blog discusses how the time to debate whether or not cannabis should be legalized has passed. And, that we shouldn’t ignore the naysayers, instead, we should engage, listen and have informed discussions about their concerns.

  • Public Safety Canada will officially launch the #DontDriveHigh campaign on Tuesday.

  • The 2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards took place last week in Toronto; Over 700 people gathered for the first ever event to celebrate the best in Canadian cannabis. Check out the full list of honorees or watch the awards ceremony.

  • ICYMI: Canada could make billions from legal pot; As CNN reports, recreational sales for cannabis are expected to total $7.1 billion to $10.3 billion in the U.S. by 2021.

  • Food for Thought: Debate rages over how the cannabis industry should be allowed to promote itself; As the Ottawa Citizen reports, the question of how the industry will be allowed to promote itself is a key issue as the government creates the regulatory framework around cannabis.