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Alberta Launches Draft Cannabis Framework

The Alberta government has let Albertans know what they can expect when cannabis becomes legal in 2018. The Province has launched a comprehensive new plan that will set the stage for legal and responsible use of cannabis in that province.

The Draft Cannabis Framework supports four policy priorities:

  • keeping cannabis out of the hands of children and youth

  • protecting safety on roads, in workplaces and in public spaces

  • protecting public health

  • limiting the illegal market for cannabis

Some of the highlights of the plan include setting the minimum age for purchase and consumption of cannabis at 18 and creating a distribution system similar to alcohol sales – meaning the province will manage wholesale and distribution, and retailers will receive their products from federally regulated producers.

The government has not yet decided the best approach to managing retail sales and is contuining to gather input before making a decision on who will own and operate the retail outlets.

Other highlights of the proposed framework include a public possession limit for adults of 30 grams, the ability to grow up to four cannabis plants at home for personal use, new tools to address drug-impaired driving, and creating an extensive public education program.

The government wants to hear your opinions about the new cannabis laws before they come into effect – so this is your chance to shape government policy. Learn more about the plan and then fill out this survey or email your thoughts before the October 27 deadline.