• Daniel Demers

Parliament starts review of legalization bill

One of the most important and divisive steps in passing federal legislation to legalize recreational cannabis “officially” gets underway next month as the Parliamentary Health committee begins its public hearings on the proposed federal legislation. In advance of the hearings NICHE has provided a 5 page (their limit) submission to the committee which outlines our concerns and makes recommendation on a number of issues including minimum age, limitations on products, distribution and greater collaboration between governments, industry and the public.

Over the past year NICHE has continued to work with industry and community leaders across Canada and our submission reflects these discussions as well as lessons learned from other jurisdictions.

Democracy can be messy at the best of times and in the coming weeks the media and the general public will be focused more closely on risks associated with legalization. With tight timelines to pass the proposed legislation and growing concerns about impacts on provinces and municipalities the parliamentary hearings will prove key in shaping public opinion and defining the political debate which will determine if legalization becomes a reality by July of next year.

Please read the NICHE submission here.

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